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Dr. Rebecca Castaneda is skilled in designing beautiful and functional dental bridges. Drawing on her expertise in prosthodontics and her background as an artist allows her to hand-craft superior bridges for patients in San Francisco and the Union Square area. If you’re looking to replace teeth lost due from damage and decay and enhance your healthy-looking smile, call Aesthetika or request an appointment online today.

Bridges Q & A

*Individual results may vary

What is a bridge?

An alternative to a partial denture, bridges one or more teeth that have been lost to a traumatic incident or general decay.

Bridges use a system of zirconia or sometimes metal, to literally bridge the gap between your teeth. A bridge utilizing two crowns on teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, suspending the false tooth and offering not only a natural healthy appearance, but restoring the mouth to full function.

When would I need a bridge?

Bridges are the prosthodontic treatment of choice if you have gaps from lost teeth and you want to avoid implants or a removable appliance.

Like crowns, bridges are made of natural looking porcelain. They can also replace back teeth as well as front teeth during a full-mouth reconstruction.

What are the steps to getting a bridge?

Bridges usually take two visits to complete. Dr. Castaneda will prepare adjoining teeth to receive first the temporary bridge and later the final porcelain bridge.

Then she sends a digitized scanned image of the teeth to her master ceramist in Beverly Hills to have the bridge made. She also uses her artistic eye to precisely match the coloring of your other teeth. This process ensures your smile restoration or full-mouth reconstruction will look natural, beautiful, and functional.

During your second visit, she will carefully fit your permanent bridge into your mouth. Finally, she bonds the prosthetic bridge to your natural teeth, giving you a comfortable, perfect-looking smile.

How do I care for my bridge?

Bridges require regular brushing and flossing, just like regular teeth. Dr. Castaneda also encourages you to be vigilant about seeing her twice a year for upkeep appointments.

Although it may feel strange at first, you’ll get used to your bridge in just a few days.

To see if a bridge would be right for you, set up an appointment online or by phone with Dr. Castaneda.

*Individual results may vary


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