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If a patient has had numerous dental issues in the past, they may be facing many missing teeth. In cases like this, Dr. Skoulas often recommends a full mouth reconstruction for her San Francisco patients. A full mouth reconstruction is a process that allows her to completely rebuild and replace the missing teeth in a patient’s mouth. Tackling all the missing teeth at once provides patients with restored abilities to eat, drink, speak, and smile without fear.

Choosing a full mouth reconstruction is a big decision, as it may involve several procedures before the mouth is completely restored. Luckily, Dr. Skoulas proudly offers consultations at her San Francisco office for all her patients before jumping into any work. She’ll listen to all her patients’ concerns and use her expertise to devise a treatment plan that exceeds the patients’ expectations.

What Procedures Make up a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

There’s no standardized treatment plan that constitutes a full mouth reconstruction. Rather, it’s a personalized procedure custom-designed for each and every patient. Because of that, Dr. Skoulas may make use of many different treatment methods during the plan of care. Some of these can include:

  • Dental implants paired with bridges or crowns to restore lost teeth
  • Bone grafting to rebuild the jawbone and make it dense enough to hold implants in place
  • Veneers to give existing teeth a rejuvenated look
  • Teeth extraction to remove any decayed or damaged teeth that are beyond saving
  • Teeth whitening to spruce up the appearance of remaining teeth
  • Soft tissue grafts to help repair damaged or lost gum tissue
  • Invisalign to pull the teeth into a better alignment
  • Orthognathic surgery to reposition the jaw into the correct alignment

Usually, a full mouth reconstruction uses several of the above procedures to give the smile a completely revitalized appearance. Patients in the San Francisco area who come to Dr. Skoulas for a full mouth reconstruction will find that they reap both cosmetic and functional benefits from their treatment. They’ll be prouder and more confident of their smile, but they’ll also be able to chew foods better and speak without impediments.

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Who Can Benefit From a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

There are many kinds of patients in the San Francisco area who can benefit from a full mouth reconstruction. To determine candidacy, Dr. Skoulas will perform a thorough examination at the initial consultation. In the examination, she’ll look at the patients:

  • Teeth to see they have decay, cracks, excessive wear, or other deformities
  • Gums to see if they are suffering decay, excessive or insufficient tissue, deep pockets, or a lack of bone density
  • Jaw muscles and joints to see if the bite is irregular in some way
  • Aesthetic appearance, including the size and shape of the teeth and how they appear in relation to the lips, face, and gums

She’ll also check out the patient’s oral health, as well as ask questions about their medical history to make sure they are healthy enough for dental procedures.

Overall, some of the conditions which Dr. Skoulas can treat through a full mouth reconstruction include:

  • Bite problems, including open bite, underbite, or overbite
  • Jaw dysfunction, including problems with the temporomandibular joint
  • Numerous missing teeth
  • Teeth that have been worn down through grinding
  • Gums that have severely receded
  • Teeth that are yellowing or graying
  • Teeth that are exceedingly crooked or uneven

What Is the Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedure Like?

Since a full mouth reconstruction procedure is a set of various procedures that differ between patients, there is no set guideline for what to expect during treatment. However, it’s quite possible that treatment will involve several visits to Dr. Skoulas’s San Francisco office as she gradually works to restore the mouth.

Before treatment begins, Dr. Skoulas will be sure to take a full set of X-rays, photographs, and impressions. These help her better understand the current issues with the mouth as well as plan a course of action for treatment.

On the day of treatment at her San Francisco office, Dr. Skoulas will make sure the patient is as comfortable as possible. Depending on the extent of the work being done, this may include a local anesthetic to numb the mouth or full IV sedation to ensure the patient is unconscious and unaware of what’s happening. Then, she will begin the procedure, paying close attention to her work to ensure the best results.

After the procedure is finished, the patient will be woken up and then allowed to return home. They should take it easy for the rest of the day, and depending on what was done, they may have to avoid eating solid foods or brushing their teeth for a few days.

Generally, Dr. Skoulas performs most major procedures early on in the treatment plan, such as dental implants. That is because these surgeries require more recovery time and must be completed before other areas of the mouth can be worked on. Once healed, she can then begin to work on the aesthetic side of things, with less invasive procedures like teeth whitening.

By the time the full mouth reconstruction process is finished, patients will have fallen in love with their new smiles. It might take some time, but in the end, the results will be more than worth it.

If you have failing old restoration, missing teeth, teeth that do not function well or if you simply do not like the way your teeth look

As a Prosthodontist, Dr. Castaneda has extensive training in the complicated techniques and treatment of: Cosmetic Dentistry‚ Crowns and Fixed Bridges‚ Dental Implants‚ Removable Partials and Complete dentures‚ TMJ (Jaw problems) ‚ Reconstructive Dentistry (total mouth rehabilitation). Dr. Castaneda focuses on improved aesthetics, restored function, treating poor bites and jaw problems. First, she does a comprehensive examination of your teeth, jaw, gums and suggests the type of prosthetic treatment that is right for your particular case. This CAN include crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, complete and removable partial dentures, dental implants, TMJ jaw problems, and traumatic injury reconstructive cases.

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Choose Full Mouth Reconstruction in San Francisco

Deciding on a full mouth reconstruction is not a choice to make lightly, as it will require a lot of treatment to restore full functionality and aesthetic appearance to the smile. However, it’s a far better option than not being able to live life to the fullest because your mouth isn’t working as it should. Take back control of your oral health by scheduling a full mouth reconstruction with Dr. Skoulas at her San Francisco office. She’ll do everything she can to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your treatment throughout the entire process.

To learn more about full mouth reconstructions and schedule your initial consultation, call Skoulas DDS today at (415) 757-0110.

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