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The following testimonials were gathered from “Dr. Oogle”, the San Francisco “patients referring patients” website, Google, and Yelp.
We are honored to be ranked the leading dentist on Dr. Oogle, in these areas:

  • Cosmetic Aesthetic Dentist for Dental Makeovers and Smile Makeovers out of 169 dentists
  • Prosthodontist/Prosthodontics specialist out of 27 dentists
  • Dental Implants Dentist out of 61 dentists

Peer Recommendation:

“Dr. Castaneda’s work stands out for its superb quality, great aesthetics and phenomenal attention to detail. Artist by training, she transforms dental restorations into masterpieces. She is the only prosthodontist in my experience who combines predictability of complex dental treatment with beautiful aesthetic result. This is not a dentist for those who are interested in “patching things up”. She has a comprehensive approach to treatment and great patient communication skills.” – 8/16/04 Dr. B

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John F. 1/31/18

I’ve been seeing Dr. Castaneda for over 20 years and she has always been very professional and precise in her prosthodontist work. She has supplied me with beautiful crowns and veneers that I needed because I ground my teeth down over the years. She’s a lovely person and she has taken very good care of me over the years, both in the ordinary course and when emergency needs have arisen. I highly recommend her.

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 Martha T. 1/17/2018

Be sure of this: Dr. Castaneda is the absolute best. Don’t go to anyone else: they won’t have Dr. C’s training, expertise, brilliant mind, artistic hands and caring heart! Dr. Castaneda is an incredibly talented prosthodontist who stands head and shoulders above all the rest, and I know what I’m talking about, because I’ve been to a dozen other “highly touted” (big website, awards, etc.) prosthodontists, (East and West coastal cities) who have not been able to help me, or who have given me poor to damaging service. Here’s why I appreciate what Dr. Castaneda has done for me so much:
A bad car accident left me with a nearly destroyed mouth as a teen, and as a result, my twenties were an embarrassing time for me, due to the fact that no dentist could adequately help me. Help me to chew (without my partial slipping) – or smile – that is. When I found Dr. Castaneda, she turned my life around. This is not a small thing, and I owe Dr. Castaneda so much for what she’s done for me.
When I was in my late-twenties, Dr. Castaneda worked some magic for me by designing and personally sculpting an ergonomically and aesthetically perfect partial for me, (gold, with a “key-lock” design), that held firmly to the top of my mouth, didn’t slip, and looked beautiful ane (sic) entirely natural. Friends would ask me, “What’s different about you? You look so wonderful!” The difference was that I was SMILING all the time… I was MYSELF again, the normally happy, super-smiley person that I was before my accident.
My beautiful partial has lasted for 30 years, without a hitch (talk about good design!) and I’ve been very happy with it. I recently moved back into the area, and was DELIGHTED to have another appointment with Dr. Castaneda today to have her look at my teeth and see how everything was aligned – a “tune-up” you could say. It was a joy being in her office, and re-experiencing the “five-star” service that is her trademark. She took her time, and gently talked me through all the different ways she was measuring my mouth, the way my lower jaw moves, and slowly worked through what was happening with all the teeth in my mouth, advising me at every step about the best course of action to preserve and improve the beautiful smile she’d given me 30 years before! She helped me to identify some real problems caused by the poor service (and downright neglect!) that has been provided by the other dentists I’ve seen in the past years – and she was even kind enough to immediately remedy some of the issues, even though I hadn’t scheduled time for that. (Dr. C. knows that I live three hours away – and she didn’t want me to leave without taking care of me immediately!) Not only that, her SWEET sweet staff is very capable, friendly and gentle, and she has the sweetest little fluffy pup named “ChaCha” who is a healing dog, who just loves on all the patients all day (ChaCha completely soothed me while I was undergoing an emergency treatment today – she fell asleep on my lap! So comforting and warm!) That reminds me of one last thing too – you won’t mind the beautiful corner office space – where you look out over all of Union Square area from the dentist’s chair. The whole office is so tasteful, with modern art prints and paintings, boutique furniture and art-filled coffee table books. When I was thirsty, they brought me a big glass of “lemon water”. You get treated like royalty. It’s lovely. And all through it, you know that you are being worked on by a master. It’s awesome.
If the fact that Dr. Castaneda is SO skilled and respected in her field that she is sought after as an “expert witness” (court cases dealing with all aspects of prosthodontia), then I don’t know what will convince you that she really, truly is THE BEST … then I don’t know what will. She really is incredible. Feel lucky you live in the Bay Area so you can go to her. That’s how I feel.

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Ryan H. 1/20/2017

Very nice office, great staff, very knowledgable (sic) dentist, treated me very well

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Scott S. 05/25/2016

A four star review means to me that you had a good experience but something could go wrong in the future. I’m happy to report that I have been to see Dr. C, Sonya the hygienist, and Georgette the dental assistant on several occasions and nothing has gone wrong! No aching teeth, stabbed tongue or funny after taste. Everything feels great and I’m happy with the way I was treated.

I’ll be back next year…

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Tommy L. 05/22/2016

Dentophobia can sometimes strike fear into the hearts of the unbelievers, but thanks to offices like The Aesthetika Dental Center you can leave your fears at home. Once you enter their office you are greeted with such beautiful smiles you know you are in the right place, and I am talking about Rebecca and Dina of course. Dr. Rebecca Castaneda carries herself with such poise and confidence, she leaves no stone unturned. And when she tells you she is going to do something she delivers on that promise. They make you feel at ease and explain everything to you, over communicating in a fashion that I expect and feel necessary. Dina will track appointments and keep you up-to-date with accurate emails and messages. They will make you beautiful in no time!!!! Thank you Aesthetika!

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Paula L. 11/21/2015

Dr. Castaneda Is an outstanding dentist and really helped me a great deal with my reconstruction work after getting a not so great implant from a Dr. in Marin. Dr. C took her time to carefully create a bridge that is so beautiful and natural you would think it was natural. I like going to the office for cleanings and I feel assured that I will always get excellent work. I highly recommend Dr. C for teeth reconstruction or any other dentistry procedures. I would also like to add that, HAD I KNOWN to do my homework about implants and the wide range of quality that you could end up with, I would have gone immediately to Dr. C.. Although it cost me 2+ years to complete my reconstruction, it was SO worth it.

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I.M Y. 09/15/2015

Georgia is super friendly, love her energy. Saw Dr Castaneda today to finish my mother’s second part of her service, it was a success, we were able to finish with the best results needed for her teeth, keeping in mind in the long run, my…

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Logan N 09/14/2015

Very affordable and Great quality of work. Very professional and kind. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Love this place.

Ann S 07/25/2015

I have been going to Dr. Castaneda for 16 years. She is a wonderful dentist and very compassionate. A friend referred her to me because of a bad experience I had with another dentist. She has been gentle and sincere and I highly recommend her work.

Doreen Provost 03/19/2015

Yes, I highly recommend Dr. Castaneda and her team. She is still my dentist, and I have never regretted the restorative work I had done with her many years ago. I first met her when she was part of the team that worked on my son after a sporting accident which knocked out his front teeth. I can attest that she was highly recommended by her peers and she did beautiful work with one of them to use crown-lengethening (sic) surgery to save the root of a tooth and affix a crown. That work has held up. Her hygienists are also excellent and I feel that I am getting excellent all-around care. Thank you to Dr. Castaneda and her team.

Madeline I 02/05/2015

They such caring Women, I appreciate their hard work.

Richard L 02/05/2015

Happy smiling faces abound!

Sheldon G 01/16/2015

Friendly, professional people. 5/5

Rebecca M 12/22/2014

My beautiful smile is amazing ! I couldn’t be happier . Great team . Dr. Castaneda is the best !

Daniel P 11/19/2014

It’s always top notch professional with a kind and caring staff. Thank you.

Irene M 08/02/2014

Professional service

Yvette G 07/28/2014

Great Experience!!!Awesome staff!!I highly recommend this Dental Office!!!

Sheraz S 07/22/2014

Dina, Sonia and Dr.C have striven to make the experience as professional and patient-centered as possible. Many thanks to them for doing such a good job.

Marc C 06/16/2014

A dentist office has never been so good. Attention to quality care with a knack for good esthetics and outcomes. I would highly recommend.


“Dr. Rebecca Castaneda has been my general dentist and prosthodonist for over a decade, and I couldn’t be any happier with her work. She has dealt with some very complex restoration challenges, including multiple implant crowns, with patience and perseverance. And always with the goal of achieving perfection. Simply put, Dr. C is an artiste. The staff is a professional and supportive, and Sonja is a welcome addition as a dedicated and very competent hygienist. Dr. Castaneda’s work is of the highest quality, and I highly recommend the Aesthetika office.”

“Dr. Castaneda gave me the smile I’ve always dreamed of having! I couldn’t be happier with my beautiful smile and the kindness I always receive from Dr. Castaneda and her staff. My treatment included implants and veneers on my front teeth and the results are exceptional. Dr. Castaneda is a true artist and her staff is very attentive to all of my needs. I will continue to be a loyal patient of Dr. Castaneda’s and highly recommend her. About Hygienists: Sonia is so wonderful! She lights up a room and is very thorough with my cleanings.”

“Amazing Work!!”

“Just a few words… experience professionalism, true artistry. If you are looking for amazing results, look no further. It seems to me that Dr. Castaneda looks at each of her patients like a sculptor looking at clay before turning him/her into a work of art. Incredible attention to detail and perfection, I’ve been coming here for 7 years now and she never ceases to amaze me.”

Pros: Simply the best. Cons: none.


“My dental work has been in the hands of Dr. Castenada (and Dr. Berkovich) for about 2 ½ years. Dr Castenada has made sure the end result is PERFECT – and it is. She is more than a prosthedontist. She’s an artist, a scientist, a perfectionist and mostly, a caring physician who designed my beautiful smile”. Sherri H San Jose California

“Simply the best! She did a cosmetic dental makeover for me, my teeth look beautiful, and no one knows that hey are not real. I highly recommend her to everybody.”

“Fear of Dentists eased, two thumbs up!”
“Dr. Castaneda was able to get me past my age-old fear of dentists and started treating me in 2003. I had let my fears keep me away far too long, and therefore needed quite a bit of work. She was professional, soothing, and her expertise was apparent from the start.”

“Her staff made sure that I didn’t make too many escapes and worked with me on insurance concerns. Now, in May 2005 after cleanings, general work, replaced silver crowns with porcelain, inlays, and no more silver fillings I finally feel that I have I have a “healthy” mouth. Further, she talked me into Invisalign. I wore these clear, plastic, removable braces for a year or so and am ecstatic with my new smile. In fact, I can’t stop smiling. A little BriteSmile ® along the way didn’t hurt.”


“Damaged teeth, Dental makeover”

“I had VERY badly damaged teeth from years of grinding. Rebecca provided me with a few treatment options, and we ultimately agreed to 13 crowns/veneers (7 top and 6 down) along with some other ancillary treatments. I am extremely pleased with the result, although the process was not without some pain.

Pros: The new teeth look and feel great, which was my ultimate goal. Rebecca and her staff, (Kiki and Sonia) were helpful and responsive.

They all try hard to minimize the discomfort of the process.

Cons: The dental makeover process was long and expensive. On most of my visits, my appointment started a little late (a minor inconvenience, even for someone as high-strung as I am.)”

“Great Hygiene experience”

“I had a cleaning done at Dr. Castaneda’s office and that was a pleasant experience. The staff offered many accommodations and that was a delight. I like the fact that they did a follow up on me.”

“General Raving review”

“I look amazing! Everyone at work can’t believe the difference. I light up a room now!”


“Lost tooth replacement, comprehensive mouth reconstruction”

“Years ago I lost my front teeth to a motorcycle accident. For years I lived with a fixed bridge replacing those lost teeth. The bridge looked like a row of Chiclets. Additionally, my dentition was a plethora of silver fillings sprinkled with a few gold crowns that were like giant boxcars, ill fitting at the gum line causing soreness and gum bleeding. Finally, with age my teeth were simply worn down and discolored.

After a thorough exam, Dr. C orchestrated a comprehensive dental make-over plan that would include orthodontics and an anterior gum augmentation as I had lost bone tissue with the loss of my front teeth. With these interventions accomplished, Dr. C began the process of replacing almost all of my teeth with porcelain crowns and two fixed bridges. The results were a monument to the dental arts! Dr. C’s biggest challenge was the anterior bridge.

Through her artistic ability and clinical skills she was able to make the fixed, artificial front bridge appear as individual teeth actually emerging from the gum margin with each tooth having the half-moon shape presentation at the gum margin as with natural teeth. The color, texture, and translucence of the bridge matched the adjacent crowns perfectly. Dr. C gave me a healthy, happy smile.”

“Whitening and Oral evaluation”

“I came to Aesthetika Center for teeth whitening and cleaning and an assessment of my overall dental health and what can be done to improve my smile. I was treated like a celebrity from the moment I entered the office. The staff is friendly and attentive, the hygenist, Dr. Clarinda Valderrama was gentle and thorough. I got some great input on what can be done for the flaws in my mouth and I fully intend to do everything I can to acquire a winning smile. I am certain that Dr. Castaneda has what it takes to fix my teeth and make them beautiful. She won me over with her adept explanations, dental imaging simulation, and with the spa-like treatment I received. I’ve never been so relaxed at a dental office!”

“Perfection in Dentistry”

“I have seen Dr. Castaneda on several occasions over the past 10 years and found her to be an extremely proficient perfectionist. She won me over when she did a challenging procedure which involved the placement of a veneer on ONE of my front teeth (after a root canal). She was able to match the varying degrees of whiteness and translucency of this ONE tooth to the rest of my smile. Dr. ‘C’ also successfully replaced all of my silver fillings with porcelain. I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to laugh without a mouth full of glaring metal.


“Her petite hands maneuver in your mouth with amazing dexterity and craftpersonship. I recently found out that she used to be a sculptress, which enhances her refined movements for building amazing smiles. She also has a knack for making patients very comfortable with her warm chair-side manner and offers various pain management accoutrements. I like her pina colada, banana flavored, etc, pre-anesthesia so you never feel the stick of a needle. Yes, her services cost a bit, but you get what you pay for and she is worth it if you want a smile for life.”

“Realistic crowns, pleasing result with dental inlay”

“I am thrilled that I found Dr. Castaneda. Her specialty is creating beautiful natural smiles; although I will continue to see her for my routine care. The temporary crown that she made for my front tooth looks better and more natural than the permanent one that another doctor had done. On another tooth, she did an inlay as opposed to a crown. I am extremely pleased with the result. None of my prior dentists had ever offered this option. Even though my treatment is not complete, I have seen her other work, and it is outstanding. I trust her recommendations and I feel comfortable when she is performing work on me. Doctor Castaneda is a trained artist and works closely with an expert ceramiscist. Her staff is professional and friendly as well.”

Maria Jeremiah M. on Yelp

I am very glad to have found Dr. Castaneda. I have waited my entire life to have my lower teeth fixed and she performed an exceptional job on the procedure. Dr. Castaneda took her time and worked with precision. She made it look natural and enhanced my beautiful smile! Her staff is very friendly especially, Theresa. Office is clean and overlooking downtown San Francisco.

Patrick Miller on Dr Oogle


Nine years ago I researched many cosmetic dentists to replace my 18 year old porcelain veneers . It was obvious that Dr Castaneda was one of the best. She replaced my old of veneers with new ones and gave me an incredibly beautiful smile.

I have referred friends to her with successful results over the years. She has been my primay [sic] dentist ever since.

About Hygienist: Sonya has been my dental hygienist for many years. I follow her health and dental hygiene recommendations and have a great smile. She is very knowledgeable and is able to track subtle changes in my mouth over the years. She provides at home oral hygiene techniques that have improved my gum and teeth health.

About Front Desk: Georgette is always friendly, accommodating and very efficient. She is able to answer all questions regarding cost and payment methods. She is very knowledgeable about dental insurance plans.


Brad Miller on RateABiz


Quality, attentive and caringThey work with you to find time within busy schedules and they take their work seriously. A great group!

Response from Aesthetika Dental Center – Rebecca Castaneda, DDS:

Thank you Brad. It’s been a pleasure being your dentist for almost 10 years!!

Melvin Gage on RateABiz


Well timed appointment, no waiting.My visit always, are helpful, and appreciated

Response from Aesthetika Dental Center – Rebecca Castaneda, DDS:

Thank you Mel! You know how much we appreciate YOU!!

Tony Bianco on RateABiz


Dr Castaneda was very thorough & professional, & presented me with a complete overview of my current dental state…She took her time & answered all my questions & addressed my concerns…She explained everything in understandable terms…

Response from Aesthetika Dental Center – Rebecca Castaneda, DDS:

Thank you Tony! My staff and I are grateful to have such kind patients as you and we welcome you referrals of friends and family. — Dr.C

David McSpadden on Lighthouse


25 years of continual excellence
My fourth mouthguard dental appliance was fitted quickly, requiring only a few adjustments. Dr. Castaneda’s instructions, “Bite, hold, slide,” as she shaped the appliance were punctuated by our continual conversation about travel. She was quick, and the visit was a pleasure. As a veteran with severe grinding and severe occasional TMJ attacks, I was a challenge years ago. Dr Castaneda treated me, fully restored my bite, guided me through the implant process, referred me to helpful specialists, and given me excellent advice. While painkillers help, they aren’t the best long-term treatment. Her staff has been great, scheduling December – January treatments to maximize insurance. Dr. Castaneda is an excellent dentist with amazing hands, efficient and quick, and has been a career-saver for me. She earns my highest recommendations.

Response from Aesthetika Dental Center – Rebecca Castaneda, DDS:

Thank you David for your kind words. As you know, our practice relies on the word-of-mouth referrals by our happy patients. If you have a friend or family member that you think can benefit from our care, please do not hesitate to pass on our information!! — Dr.C

John Smith on RateABiz


Dental Cleaning
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Castaneda for two decades now, and I feel most fortunate to be a receipient [sic] of her good care and her genuine interest and concern that my dentition remain healthy and aesthetically pleasing. On my recent visit, Sonya cleaned my teeth. As always, she did a superb job in accomplishing that task. Sonya is adept at getting out all the stains and built up plaque without causing pain, especially around the gums. While Sonya is cleaning your teeth, she makes observations of your general dentition and offers suggestions and recommendations on how you might improve your caring for your teeth. If caring for your teeth and receiving the best possible care for them is a priority in you life, you would do well to seek Dr. Castaneda’s care and that of her staff.

Stephanie Parks on RateABiz


Always a pleasant visit
For someone who is so frightened of the dentist (even for cleanings) I always have the best experience. Everyone is so friendly, calming, and welcoming. My fear has gone down ever since I started to come here. They always make me feel at ease.

Jaimie Baxter on RateABiz


Perfect work and wonderful treatment
I had to get crowns on 4 front teeth and I was really anxious about it. Dr. Castaneda and Georgette out my anxieties at ease and the procedure was surprisingly painless. Dr. Castaneda personally accompanied me to the lab that makes the crowns to custom match my tooth coloring. For now, I have temporaries until the final crowns are placed in 2 weeks, but even the temporaries look so much better than my teeth looked before. I feel more confident about my smile already. If the temporary work looks this good, I’m confident that the permanent crowns will give me the flawless smile I’ve always wanted. Thank you!!

Mark Cabi


I have been seeing Dr C for many years. In my younger years, lack of good dentistry left me with lots of problems .I am happy to say Dr C put a smile back on my face. And, now with her help I keep one each and every day. If you are looking for a great dentist with good aesthetic skills (a perfectionist is more accurate) Dr C is a great choice.

Martin Molloy


Dr. Rebecca Castaneda is an exceptionally capable and sensitive proctodontist; a true professional.

Since 2006, when my regular dentist retired, I’ve been treated by Dr. Castaneda. First, she prepared my Treatment Plan – a full mouth diagram with every tooth condition noted. Each of her recommendations was carefully explained to me, with their alternatives. Over the passing years, she updated my Treatment Plan diagram as problems were resolved and changes noted. I keep my current diagram near the bathroom mirror, to remember which teeth need careful flossing, etc. Dr. Castaneda is a respected professional; her prosthodontic skills are outstanding. She listens carefully to my concerns and thoughtfully explains alternative treatments until I thoroughly understand them. Dr. Castaneda is a perfectionist in everything she does – for me, the best dental procedures carried out flawlessly.

Ben Chaimongkol


I found Dr. Castaneda’s office by searching for dentists in the SF Bay Area. Her practice had a lot of of positive reviews, so I scheduled a complimentary consultation that I attended today. Dr. Castaneda definitely lived up to the positive reviews as she is both very knowledgeable and friendly. I will definitely be returning!

Trudy Drypolcher


Always a pleasure! I know, we’re talking about dental work here, but Dr. Castaneda always takes great care and is concerned that my smile looks the best. Today was just cleaning, but over the years she has given me a new tooth implant, bleaching, invisalign, a crown. I put a high priority on the health and appearance of my mouth, so I will continue to turn to Dr. Castaneda.

Dr. Martin W.M.


Dr. Rebecca Castaneda is an exceptionally capable and sensitive proctodontist; a true professional.

Since 2006 I’ve been treated by Dr. Castaneda, an exceptionally capable prosthodontist. First, she prepared my Treatment Plan – a full mouth diagram with every tooth condition noted. She carefully explained each of her recommendations to me, and my alternatives. Over the years, she updated my Treatment Plan diagram as problems were resolved. My diagram is next to my bathroom mirror, to remember which teeth need careful flossing.

Dr. Castaneda is a respected professional; her prosthodontic skills are outstanding. She listens carefully to my concerns and explains her proposed treatment. Dr. Castaneda is a perfectionist in everything she does. Her dental assistants are trained to her high standards. Dina, her Office Manager, is very efficient, helpful and competent; their office is well organized and operates smoothly. Costs are comparable with her excellent dental treatments, service and thorough explanations you receive.

Demetrios D. on Yelp


I have known Dr Castaneda for more that 10 years and not only she is a great person but an amazing dentist. My teeth look unbelievably beautiful because of her. She pays extra attention in detail and she will never let you go unless your teeth look perfect. Her artistic work with cosmetic dentistry is the best. She is a very good listener and she understands what the customer wants and with her extended knowledge & experience she delivers 100%. Her assistants are very helpful with very high standards. Dina who is her front office manager is very professional, super friendly, understanding and very organized. I highly recommend Dr Castaneda to anyone who needs dental work & wants to have the most beautiful smile.

Michele Davis on Google+


No matter what challenges you are facing — oral health issues or a smile that you are unhappy with, Dr. Rebecca Castaneda works miracles. Her expertise is in transforming smiles that help you live a fuller life. She recognizes how important a smile can be in determining how you are perceived, personally and professionally. Her small skilled hands are quite adept at maneuvering in tight spaces. She has been my dentist for more than 20 years. Her professionalism and expertise work speak volumes.

Hanjie Yu on Google+


Found the office through zocdoc. Both the receptionist and my hygenist were A+mazing. Super friendly, organized, knows what they’re doing, very thorough, lovely office. I completely lucked out on finding this place

David Rogers on Google+

I have had a significant renovation of my teeth done by Dr. Castaneda. I researched the possibilities before hand and concluded that her combination of background as an artist and decades of experience with cosmetic dentistry would be best for my needs. I was correct. The rest of the staff are great to deal with as well. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Nadia F on Yelp


Expert staff and very helpful. I’m an Italian student, I’ll be here in San Francisco for some months, so it’s difficult for me to understand everything, but Doctor Castaneda and her staff were very understanding and patient with me and helped me with everything, even to be in contact with a surgery studio to resolve my problem with wisdom tooth. Highly recommended.


Chelsea B. on Yelp


Absolutely completely and totally recommend Dr.Castaneda! She was fabulous. After struggling for 8 years with my smile, she fixed it and has made it look perfect. The coloring, size and shape are amazing. If you need someone, she’s the best!

William G on Yelp


I have been seeing Dr. Castanada for well over five years, both for some serious issues I had, as well as routine cleanings. I have found her and her staff to be excellent in all respects. In fact, last year when I moved to the East Bay, I decided to stay with her for my dental needs even though it’s a hassle to come over to the City. I think the occasional negative review is the exception. In fact, as shrill and hysterical as one of them sounds, it seems that person has some issues that have little or nothing to do with the quality of the service.

Daniel G on Yelp


My last dental check up and cleaning at Dr. Castaneda’s office was professional and comfortable as always. I highly recommend coming this office and the atmosphere is way cool!


Cecilia D on Google+


Dr. Castaneda is one of the best dentist I have met!!! And I can tell you from experience is not easy to find dentist that are honest as she is and more important a doctor who really cares for her patients and is not there to just make money. I have gone to see many other dentist after I felt the need to stop seeing my destiny who had been treating me for more than 7yrs ( since I was a teen)… Somehow my old dentist became very dishonest with his treatment plan that I decided to look around in hope to find some one better! From the very fist day I saw Dr. Castaneda, she treated me with respect and honesty. She took the time to listen to my story and studied my case before recommending the treatment — she knows so much about the latest technology and up to date treatment that I can honestly tell you that you will NOT find some one better than D. Casteneda!!! Dina, her office Manager is the most friendly person you can ever picture! She is always ready to help you with any of your questions and she takes the time to work with you to understand your insurance benefits before making any commitments. They both r just far the BEST!!! They both have all the best qualities and skills sets you can ever ask from a dentist experience and most important the human touch that is hard to find in a doctor at times!
I’m very lucky to have found them!

–– Cecilia D

Fern E. on Dr. Oogle

I have been a patient of Dr. Castaneda for many years. She is truly an artist and master technician. She not only fixes whatever dental issues you may have, but also treats you with love and respect. She loves being a prosthodontist and it shows in her dedication to the perfection of her work. You only get one set of teeth therefore, it’s important that you have “the best” to make sure you keep them at their best. Dr. Castaneda and her staff does that.

I.M Y. on Yelp
San Francisco, CA


“Dina, Dr Rebecca Castaneda, and Natasha are so great here that I have to write a review. They provide such great service when accommodating my dental needs. I came as a new client a year ago and found them on yelp for clear braces service and so far I can definitely see results fast. You can tell that they really listen and care about your needs and your overall goal for your teeth. They are my very first favorite dentist location that I actually enjoy coming to when you think of the dental office. I would continue to refer and recommend friends and family here, just so they can receive that great experience and service from a great knowledgable team too.”

erenunal on Google+

“Rebecca is my sweet sweet dentist. She’s gentle, warm, always understanding of your needs, and ready to answer your questions. If you’re looking for bright smiles to go with your style, she’s your doctor! hope you have a sense of humor, because Dina certainly does! She’ll greet you with a smile, make sure you’re entertained, and above all, brought up to speed with your treatment plan. Natasha is funny, warm, and very understanding of my needs when I’m in the chair – and out of it! She’s very understanding of patients with a sensitive mouth or low pain threshold! Sonia turns teeth cleaning into fun! Great conversation, warm personality – she’s a joy to work with!”

Tom Rosbrow on Google+

“I have seen Dr. Castaneda for over 20 years. She is an outstanding dentist, so thoughtful personally, and excellent clinically. Her referrals to specialists, e.g. root canal, are also superlative. Her staff are also great.”

Daniel Guich on Google+

“Great to be back at Dr. Castaneda’s office. Sonia was great in making sure that I felt comfortable at all times while receiving my treatment. I highly recommend to all who are looking for a dentist.”

Peace B. on Yelp
San Francisco, CA

Five Star rating11/7/2012

Wonderful, well informed, sensitive, polite, and great.

C C. on Yelp
The Traveling Foodie Groupie
San Diego, CA


I came here to do one thing. To have my teeth whitened. I figured, I should give these babies a nice whitening job before I gunk it up again with coffee stains and what not from my business meetings. I had received recommendation to come to Aesthetika Dental Center and I must say, the service was wonderful. Dr. Castaneda was very professional and .. as all the reviews state, she is a very glamorous dentist!

I fully enjoyed my time here. Everyone was very friendly and I recommend Dr. Castaneda for your dentistry needs.

Sherri H. on Yelp
Just livin’ the dream, baby…
San Jose, CA


My dental work has been in the hands of Dr. Castaneda (and Dr. Berkovich) for about 2 1/2 years. Dr. Castaneda has made sure that the end result is PERFECT – and it is. She is more than a prosthedontist. She’s a artist, a scientist, a perfectionist, and mostly, a caring physician

Kezia P. on Yelp
Shady Lady
San Francisco, CA


I never thought a dentist could be glamorous until I met Dr. Castaneda. She also has a mellow, maternal vibe that puts you instantly at ease– helpful when you’re trying not to drown on your own saliva while having all of your fillings removed and replaced.

Her dental hygienists and front desk staff are also great. They’ve been oh-so-patient with my constant rescheduling. Dr. Diamond is wonderful for twice-yearly cleanings– a warm-hearted, avuncular tsk, tsk-er (I promise I’ll buy that Sonicare!)

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San Francisco, CA


Dr. Castaneda is phenomenal. She is a perfectionist with a great personality. Your smile will glow because of her expertise and charming personality. I highly recommend her for you dental needs.


Words from our patients

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    'Dr. Castaneda is more than a prosthodontist. She's an artist, a scientist, a perfectionist, and mostly, a caring physician who designed my beautiful smile."

    Sherri H.
  • Google+

    "Dr. Castaneda is the absolute best. Don't go to anyone else. They won't have Dr. C's training, expertise, brilliant mind, artistic hands and caring heart!"

    Martha T.
  • Yelp

    "I have known Dr. Castaneda for more that 10 years and not only she is a great person but an amazing dentist. My teeth look unbelievably beautiful because of her. "

    Demetrios D.
  • Yelp

    "Had I known to do my homework about implants and the wide range of quality that you could end up with, I would have gone immediately to Dr. Castaneda."

    Cece D.
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    "No matter what challenges you are facing--oral health issues or a smile that you are unhappy with--Dr. Rebecca Castaneda works miracles."

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    "I only trust Dr. Castaneda when it comes to aesthetic dentistry. As an artist, she intuitively knows what looks right, thus my teeth and smile look natural."

    T K.
  • Yelp

    "Dr. Castaneda is an excellent prosthodontist. She is kind and caring, totally pain free, and produces artistic results."

    Edward P
  • Yelp

    "Dr. Castaneda runs a wonderful, professional and caring practice. She provides state of the art services to her clients with an incredibly loving touch."

    Tamara L
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    "I have only great things to say about Dr. Castaneda and the practice she runs. [...] I recommend her to my closest friends and family."

    Michaela C.
  • Google

    "Excellent! I don't really like going to the dentist but I'd definitely recommend Dr. Castaneda! She's very professional and also very friendly."

    Adriana M
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