Your Teeth Help You Talk

Teeth are extremely important for a number of reasons, and it isn’t just about looks! They allow you to chew your food and help fill out the structure of your face. Teeth are also very important when it comes to speaking.

If you’ve ever heard someone speak when they’ve removed their dentures you’ll notice that they often can’t enunciate their words, which makes them difficult to understand. The reason for this difficulty is because teeth control the flow of air out of your mouth which helps you form words. The tongue also uses the teeth to make certain sounds within the vocabulary.

If you have mal-positioned teeth, spaces between your teeth or are missing teeth you may struggle to clearly pronounce words as you speak (especially if the lost teeth are near the front of your mouth). This can cause embarrassment and make you less likely to engage in conversation or speak up. Don’t let crooked or missing teeth silence you!

At Aesthetika Dental Center, we can align or replace your missing teeth or eliminate spaces between your teeth with clear braces, bridges, implants or with porcelain veneers.

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