Will We Ever See An Anti-Aging Drug Hit The Market?

Just a few years ago the world went wild for resveratrol, an antifungal compound found in red grapes that was thought to have strong anti-aging properties. Yet, after the dust settled, all the human trials of resveratrol found no magic anti-aging bullet.

Today, buzz is starting to increase about a rare bacterium called rapamycin, which some researchers believe could delay or even prevent the onset of aging-related diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and even Alzheimer’s. The potential of rapamycin is so promising that pharmaceutical giant Novartis is taking steps to turn rapamycin into the first real anti-aging drug.

The $260-billion Swiss company has a long way to go until rapamycin hits the shelves as an anti-aging drug. One big problem Novartis faces is that the FDA does not consider aging to be a disease. Therefore, it is unlikely to approve a drug that “treats” aging. Additionally, the FDA has historically required extremely high safety standards in any drug meant to treat healthy people.

Novartis is moving slowly with rapamycin, focusing the drug for specific medical conditions. Will we see rapamycin available as a general anti-aging drug in the future? Only time will tell.

At Aesthetika, Dr. Castaneda has been helping people with anti-aging dental treatments for 25 years! 

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