Why Cosmetic Dentistry?

Don’t be afraid to flash your pearly whites! Your smile is an important part of the image you project to the public.

Discoloration, chips, gaps and overlapping teeth may distract attention from your best qualities. These irregularities can even cause embarrassment and lack of self-confidence in your best attribute, which is your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry provides alternatives that may be just what you’re looking for to improve your image.

  1. It can correct flaws that inhibit you from putting on your best face and smile.
  1. With the aid of digital computer imaging, you can preview what cosmetic dentistry can do for you through tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, porcelain inlays, crowns, bridges and implants.
  1. Aesthetic dentistry, or cosmetic dentistry, can fix unattractive or unhealthy teeth, leaving you with a star quality smile.
  1. Aesthetic dentists can use a variety of methods to improve your teeth, depending on your needs. Often, a combination of methods will be used to help you achieve the look you’ve been dreaming of.
  1. Cosmetic or Aesthetic dentistry has taken off in recent years and has evolved into a multi-disciplinary component of total facial harmony. Facial harmony applies to all the facial muscles around the mouth, the gums and the teeth. All of these together create an optimal smile and are part of the complete look.

Aesthetic Dentistry has met all these challenges with a huge array of new materials and innovative techniques. It can change your smile and your life, forever. 

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