Top 5 Benefits of Laser Dentistry You Didn’t Know

Lasers perform your dental work with greater speed and more precision. As if that’s not enough, you can face dental visits with more confidence, as lasers eliminate the most intense and anxiety-producing aspects of dental care.

Though today’s laser technology is exceptional, the most important part of laser dentistry is the expertise of your dentist. That’s where the team at Aesthetika Dental Center really shines.

Our extensive experience using lasers for a variety of dental procedures ensures you’ll have a smooth experience that produces the best dental results. Take a look at these five unexpected benefits of laser dentistry.

Overcome your dental anxiety with laser dentistry

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you’re not alone. Studies show that 19% of patients have moderate to high dental anxiety. About 8% of these patients admit they’ve skipped dental appointments due to their anxiety. And these numbers don’t include patients who feel shaky every time their dental checkup rolls around.

Fear of pain is at the heart of most patients’ dental anxiety. Whether you’ve had a painful experience, listened to a friend tell about a painful and traumatic dental procedure, or you fear the needles used to inject an anesthetic, the anxiety is real. If you’re one of the many anxious patients, it’s time to talk with us about laser dentistry, because it fixes these issues.

Laser dentistry can help you overcome anxiety because lasers can significantly reduce or eliminate your pain. We know that sounds hard to believe, but for some dental procedures, you won’t even need to worry about needles because an anesthetic isn’t needed when we use a laser.

Forget about unpleasant drilling sensations

Next to anxiety, our patients often say that their biggest problem with dental care is tolerating the sensations of the mechanical drill. To drill into teeth quickly, dental drills rotate at an incredible speed.

Unfortunately, that speed also creates the drill’s high-pitched, whining sound — the noise that comes just before the drill reaches your tooth and you feel the pressure and vibrating sensation. And then there’s the slight but unmistakable burning smell often produced during drilling.

No one likes drill-related sensations, but they’re downright intolerable for some patients. You may be more sensitive to sensory stimulation or find that the sounds and feelings trigger your anxiety. With laser dentistry, you don’t experience any of these unpleasant sensations.

Heal faster and with little pain after gum treatment

Lasers are often used to treat gum disease and to reshape or trim your gums, where they provide unexpected benefits. The laser’s energy cauterizes blood vessels while we perform soft-tissue procedures. As a result, you have significantly less bleeding.

The high-energy laser beam minimizes your risk of infection as it naturally sterilizes the area. Additionally, lasers are such precise tools that they reduce the risk of damage to the surrounding tissues. These qualities all work together to promote faster healing.

When we use lasers to treat your gums, the laser energy also seals nerve endings. This produces the amazing benefit of little to no postoperative pain.

Prevent future cavities while treating current dental decay

Lasers are often used to remove decay prior to filling your tooth. After the filling is in place, we also use lasers to harden the filling. Compared to the drill, lasers do the job more quickly and soundlessly, they’re more precise, and they kill bacteria. But that may not be their only advantage.

A type of laser called a short-pulsed carbon dioxide laser can alter tooth enamel by slightly changing its composition. This safe change makes your tooth stronger and more resistant to the acids that cause decay.

Beautify your smile by getting whiter teeth faster

When you come in for teeth whitening, we apply the bleaching solution, then activate it using a laser. Heat from the laser improves the effectiveness of the bleach and speeds up the whitening process. As a result, laser dentistry gives you a whiter smile in less time compared to other whitening options.

If you have any questions about laser dentistry, call us at Aesthetika Dental Center or schedule an appointment online if you need dental work or it’s time for your routine checkup.

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