Time To Think About Sugar And Cavities

Halloween is approaching, which means costumes, Jack O’ lanterns, and candy. Lots and lots of candy. Growing up, I bet your dentist warned you against eating too much sugar or you’d rot your teeth out! The truth is that any trace particles of food can feed the bacteria living in your teeth and result in the plaque that causes cavities. Even healthy foods can cause cavities if you don’t brush your teeth or floss on a regular basis.

Cavities are nasty. They eat through your teeth, right down to the pulp where your teeth’s blood vessels and nerves live. Not only are cavities really painful, but if they are left untreated, you may end up losing your tooth altogether. Then you will have to see me for a big smile makeover, which might include porcelain veneers, prosthodontics, or even dentures!

I want you to have a safe and fun Halloween. If that includes a few more pieces of candy than normal, your teeth won’t rot out after one day of indulgence. Just remember to keep brushing and flossing. If you ever do need help with a smile makeover and want to learn about porcelain veneers, prosthodontics or dentures from a dental office in San Francisco, then give Aesthetika a call.

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