Removable vs. Implant Supported Dentures – Which Should You Choose?

There comes a time in the life of many senior citizens when they begin to lose their teeth after a life of use and wear. At this point, a senior has an important decision to make. Will they choose to seek traditional removable dentures, or will they opt for fixed dentures instead?

Most of us are familiar with removable dentures. These are false teeth that sit over the gums, often with the help of denture adhesives. Wearers typically take them out at night to clean them. Customized dentures can perform adequately for some people, and the biggest benefit is that they are less expensive than implant supported dentures.  Most denture wearers struggle with their prosthesis. Dentures commonly become loose and don’t perform well, especially when biting into something hard, like a crisp apple.

Fixed dentures are secured with dental implants, which are metal anchors that are embedded in bone and under the gums. The benefit of using a fixed denture with dental implants is that this procedure will make the dentures feel much more natural. They will feel more secure and will improve the patient’s facial structure. Because they are secured with implants, there is no worry of the dentures falling out or coming loose when biting into an apple.

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