Post-menopausal Women with Tooth Loss and Osteoporosis

A survey of 200 post-menopausal women by a research group at Western Reserve University’s School of Dental Medicine found that “[dental] implants improved the women’s quality of life in profound ways by increasing comfort, speech, chewing function, and fit compared to other restorations.”

The survey participants were post-menopausal women with tooth loss and osteoporosis who had either implants, fixed (i.e. implant supported) partial dentures, removable partial dentures, or no restoration at all. The survey asked the women to rate their satisfaction in areas such as occupational, health, emotional, sexual, and overall quality of life.  The statistical results showed that the survey’s participants’ overall quality of life scores were considerably higher for implants and fixed dentures.  In the health and sexual categories, the scores were approximately double that of partial dentures.

The fact that this study included only post-menopausal women is significant because prior studies have found women focus more on the appearance of the lower third of their face as they age.

Note:  All information in this blog was derived from an article posted on June 25, 2015 on the website

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