Over-the-counter VS. Professional Teeth Whitening

Whiter teeth light up every smile and make you look more attractive.  It is no wonder teeth whitening is one of the most requested dental procedures.  Almost everyone interested in having whiter teeth have tried an over-the-counter teeth whitener to no avail.  Professional teeth whitening treatments use stronger teeth whitening agents that speed up the process.  Both methods will get you whiter teeth, but health and lifestyle factors may influence which one you choose.

If you are in a rush, professional whitening is much faster than store-bought methods.  Professional treatments use a strong whitening agent that can whiten teeth six to ten shades brighter in just one treatment.  Over-the-counter products may take months to show a difference in your smile.

If you have sensitive teeth, Dr. Rebecca Castaneda and her staff are happy to modify the whitening treatment so you can get the maximum whitening, with the fewest complications.  If you have sensitive gums,  they can create custom bleaching trays that precisely match your teeth and gum line, reducing the chance of the whitening gel irritating your gums.  The generic bleaching trays used with over-the counter products will not match precisely, increasing the chances of gum irritation and sensitive teeth.

The advantages of professional teeth whitening are endless, all today to schedule your Teeth Whitening Courtesy Consultation, at Aesthetika, we have been brightening smiles for 25 years!

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