Oral Cancer Screening For Prevention

The CDC recommends that all patients over the age of 17 be screened annually for oral cancer. The HPV may be to blame for the alarming increase of young adults with oropharyngeal cancer. Oral cancer kills roughly 1 person per hour, every hour, every day in the United States.

Risk Factors:

Oral Cancer Signs and Symptoms:

This list considers both oral cancers from HPV and those from tobacco and alcohol

The best way to screen for HPV related oral and oropharyngeal cancer today is through a visual and tactile exam given by a medical or dental professional, who will also do an oral history taking to ask about signs and symptoms that cover things that are not visible or palpable.

The Aesthetika Dental Center is always serious when it comes to our patients’ health. As your health partner, we have upgraded to the latest in oral screening technology by offering IDENTAFI Ò, the top aid in Early Detection of Oral Cancer.

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