Looking for a New Job in the New Year? Make Sure Your Smile Is on Board

The holidays often give us time to reflect and to start considering big changes in the new year. Is now the time to finally quit the job you hate and to seek greener pastures? What about following your passion and trying a whole new career?

Searching for a new job can be difficult, especially in this competitive job market. You’ll need to take every advantage that you can. It’s sad but true that appearance really does matter. So, before you start sending out your resume and cover letter, consider getting a new haircut. Invest in some nice interview close, and make sure your smile does you proud. Are your teeth looking a little yellow? Have you been wishing you could straighten them for some time? Before a new company can invest in you, you need to invest in yourself.

If you live in San Francisco, contact Aesthetika Cosmetic Dentistry at (415) 986-1616 to schedule a smile makeover consultation with acclaimed cosmetic dentist, Dr. Rebecca Castaneda.

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