Is There A Way To Fix A Chipped Tooth Without Veneers?

Teeth are strong, but they aren’t invincible. It is possible to chip your tooth by chewing on an ice cube, falling, or getting an accidental elbow in the face. If you’ve got a chipped tooth, you may feel self-conscious about smiling and laughing in public.

Is it possible to get the tooth fixed without a veneer? Veneers can be pricey, and they usually require you to come in for two separate visits.

In certain situations, you do have an alternative option. At Aesthetika, Dr. Castaneda offers a service called dental contouring. If your chip is not severe, Dr. Castaneda can smooth away a chip or fracture line in your tooth so that it is smooth and beautiful.

If the chip or crack in your tooth is severe, then dental contouring might not be a good idea. Your tooth can become weak if too much enamel is smoothed away. In more severe chips and cracks, a veneer is probably your best option.

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