Fluoride Therapy – A Great Way to Prevent Tooth Decay & to Optimize Oral Health

Fluoride therapy has been proven beneficial in maintaining optimal oral health, particularly in the prevention of tooth decay and hypersensitivity. Since the introduction of fluoride into public water supplies more than 50 years ago, the incidence of cavities has declined dramatically by strengthening developing permanent teeth. However, professional fluoride treatments, combined with daily home therapy, can often times improve dental health. Treatment options vary according to a patient’s susceptibility to decay, level of tooth sensitivity, periodontal (gum) condition and number of cosmetic restoration.

Professional In-Office Solutions

A professional fluoride treatment is an important part of your dental cleaning. The fluoride treatment will enhance the ability of your tooth surface to resist acid attacks and decay and replace the layer that is removed during tooth scaling and polishing.

Professional Take-Home Solutions

If you’ve ever had a questionable area of decay, tooth sensitivity, or bleeding gums within the last year, a professional take-home fluoride may be necessary. Your dental professional will recommend the most appropriate fluoride based on your oral condition. Daily fluoride therapy may also be helpful for patients with orthodontic appliances, or those with exposed rot surfaces.

Information provided by Dr. William Dorfman

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