Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Cosmetic dentistry includes a variety of treatments customized to correct a wide range of flaws. As a former artist and your cosmetic dentist, Dr. Castaneda will design a treatment plan that considers your overall facial harmony as well as your time constraints and budget. She will create a unique and individualized smile just for You. In just two or three visits, Dr. Castaneda can give any smile curb appeal.

Modern alternatives to traditional braces and other time-consuming dental treatments have made cosmetic dentistry more accessible to the general public. Our San Francisco dental office features the latest aesthetic dentistry solutions, including porcelain veneers and invisible orthodontics also known as clear braces. This amazing technology allows you to make a confident decision regarding your cosmetic dental treatments.

Years ago, aesthetic improvements in dentistry often meant multiple appointments and invasive procedures. But thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry, dental professionals are able to help patients achieve spectacular results in a far less painful and time-consuming fashion. At Aesthetika Dental Center, we’re pleased to offer our valued San Francisco patients a variety of cosmetic solutions to their aesthetic needs.

Are you thinking about improving your smile? Don’t delay any longer, call today to schedule your Smile Makeover Courtesy Consultation with Dr. Rebecca Castaneda. 

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