5 Important Services You Didn’t Know Your Prosthodontist Specializes In

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Are you wondering what a prosthodontist does, exactly? Prosthodontists are the premier specialists in cosmetic dentistry, the restoration of damaged teeth, and the replacement of missing teeth. They’re full-fledged dentists who chose to receive three more years of education and training in the specialty field of prosthodontics.Prosthodontists welcome patients with diverse dental needs, from teeth whitening and procedures like veneers and crowns, to extremely complex dental problems involving reconstruction of the jawbone and other dental structures.As a leading expert in prosthodontics, Dr. Rebecca Castaneda provides the full range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry, including services that go beyond routine care. Here are five services you may not have known that prosthodontists specialize in.

Dental implant planning, placement, and restoration

Dental implants have become a routine option for replacing missing teeth — so routine that it’s easy to believe getting an implant is a simple procedure that requires little more than inserting a rod.

But the precise details that go into planning a dental implant determine whether it fuses with your jawbone to create a strong, functional tooth replacement. Prosthodontists use advanced imaging and their extensive training to customize your implant insertion.

Implant success also depends on the health of the jawbone. When you don’t have enough bone to support an implant, prosthodontists are trained to perform specialized procedures to restore the bone. For example, Dr. Castaneda may recommend sinus augmentation (when the implant is going in the upper, back jaw) or ridge modification (when a deformity in the jaw is the problem).

When you don’t rely on the expertise of a prosthodontist like Dr. Castaneda, you may be at a higher risk of your implant loosening, which requires restoration by a prosthodontist.

Total mouth reconstruction

Prosthodontists have the skill and training to take on the most complex cases involving teeth, bone, and soft tissue damage. Dr. Castaneda performs total mouth restoration for patients with a variety of problems. She creates a stepwise plan to thoroughly restore dental health in patients with extensive dental disease such as decay and broken teeth, as well as those who have suffered damage from a traumatic injury.

Restoration design

Dr. Castaneda has an outstanding reputation for the superior appearance and quality of her cosmetic work. Her formal training as an artist is one reason she creates such exceptional results.

Most dentists can take an image of your mouth and apply a veneer made in the lab. But it takes an artistic perspective to be sure the shape and design truly complement your style and personality.

It also takes technical expertise to design customized restorations. That’s a skill prosthodontists gain during their additional years of specialized training beyond dental school.

Treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder

Although all prosthodontists specialize in treating a range of jaw problems, Dr. Castaneda is also an expert in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. She co-authored a textbook on jaw pain, taught on the subject of TMJ disorder, and has helped many patients overcome their TMJ symptoms.

TMJ disorder may develop due to a misaligned jaw, injury to the jaw, pressure from teeth grinding, or problems within the joint such as arthritis. Dr. Castaneda determines the underlying cause of your jaw pain then develops customized treatment that resolves your TMJ disorder.

Aesthetic contouring

Prosthodontists perform cosmetic treatments such as veneers, crowns, and bridges, but many patients don’t realize that Dr. Castaneda also specializes in simpler procedures that instantly transform their smile, such as aesthetic contouring.

As long as the damage isn’t severe, aesthetic contouring can improve the shape of worn and chipped teeth, and correct crooked teeth. During one appointment and with no discomfort to you, Dr. Castaneda removes a small amount of the tooth to smooth out damaged areas to reshape the surface.

Whether you’re unhappy with your smile, you have missing or damaged teeth, or you suffer with jaw pain, the help you need is available. Call Aesthetika Dental Center for the very best prosthodontic services or book your consultation online.


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