Cosmetic and General Dental Services for the San Francisco Financial District and Embarcadero Areas

Our doctors designed the practice to meet your needs as a working professional. We are centrally located in San Francisco’s financial district, allowing you to visit our practice, receive high-quality general and cosmetic dental treatment, and return to your job without missing a day of work.

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Our new and modern facility that serves the Financial District and Embarcadero areas is built around prioritizing and improving your dental experience. Our friendly and attentive staff will make sure that you are comfortable at every phase and will answer any questions you have. For patients who have a fear of the dentist, our goal is to ease your fears and make your dental experience an enjoyable one with personal entertainment systems to keep you busy during treatment. At every step of your appointment, Our doctors will give you confidence in the care you are receiving and what kind of results you can achieve.  Our office is ideal for busy professionals looking for a dentist in the heart of San Francisco.

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Why Patients Choose Skoulas DDS

Our cosmetic and general dental practice in San Francisco provides the most important qualities:

  • Care. As your San Francisco dentist, Dr. Skoulas is dedicated to providing high-quality procedures and the utmost in patient comfort. Combining advanced materials and methods, Dr. Skoulas can give you beautiful, long-lasting and effective results.
  • Efficiency. We know your time is valuable. By appropriately planning your appointment, you can expect to be in and out of the office and on with your daily activities.
  • Flexibility. Our advanced cloud-based scheduling system allows you to easily request appointments, even if the office is closed. Knowing that you are busy, Dr. Skoulas can work with you to a find a time that meets your needs, whether it be morning, late afternoons or even weekends.

Dr. Skoulas is among the few dentists of the Financial District and Embarcadero areas who can accommodate nearly every request for emergency dental treatment, saving you time with her convenient location and extended availability for appointments.

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What people are saying about Skoulas dds

“The most fun I’ve had at a dentist in a LONG time. Maybe ever. I even had to get a small cavity filled and I was still enjoying my time. Everyone is really cool and personable, but still gets the job done. I kinda want to work here.”

Cristina C.

“When you come in, it feels like they are ready for you, everything is set up to go. This is a great dental office.”

Nick L.

“Dr. Skoulas is a consummate professional. Respected and admired in the industry, she has rare skill and a true passion for the craft of dentistry.”

Larry R.


450 Sutter Street, Suite #1616
San Francisco, CA 94108


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We accept emergency walk-ins and we are willing to work around your schedule.

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