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Smile Makeovers

Give yourself the gift of a lifetime, a ”Dental Makeover”. Look and feel great with a perfect smile from The Aesthetika Dental Center, practice of Dr. Rebecca P. Castaneda.

Before & Afters: Large space and crooked teeth corrected with 2 crowns and 2 porcelain veneers

Why Do a Smile Makeover?

Your smile is one of your most important features. 74% of Americans think that a sparkling smile is the key factor to making good first impressions. Those first impressions are important in your social life and at work.

Here in San Francisco, Dr. Castaneda is dedicated to giving her guests beautiful long-lasting smiles through dental makeovers, which help them make their best first impressions.

What to Expect?

Depending on your individual need, your smile makeover can be simple enough to complete in just two short visits. Dr. Castaneda will first discuss with you your aesthetic dentistry case goals and you decide the final product. Your teeth will be evaluated for the dental makeover in the first visit, and the course of treatment will determine how many subsequent visits will be necessary. For simple whitening cases, we can perform our in-office teeth whitening treatments in about an hour, to last up to three years.

Crooked Teeth, Gaps Between Teeth, Or Crowding Teeth

If you have crooked teeth, gaps between teeth or over-crowding, a dental makeover with the use of high quality, crafted veneers or crowns will give you the dazzling smile that will make your first impressions lasting ones!

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