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Aesthetika five star ratingDoreen Provost 03/19/2015

Yes, I highly recommend Dr. Castaneda and her team. She is still my dentist, and I have never regretted the restorative work I had done with her many years ago. I first met her when she was part of the team that worked on my son after a sporting accident which knocked out his front teeth. I can attest that she was highly recommended by her peers and she did beautiful work with one of them to use crown-lengethening surgery to save the root of a tooth and affix a crown. That work has held up. Her hygienists are also excellent and I feel that I am getting excellent all-around care. Thank you to Dr. Castaneda and her team.

Aesthetika five star ratingMadeline I 02/05/2015

They such caring Women, I appreciate their hard work.

Aesthetika five star ratingRichard L 02/05/2015

Happy smiling faces abound!

Aesthetika five star ratingSheldon G 01/16/2015

Friendly, professional people. 5/5

Aesthetika five star ratingRebecca M 12/22/2014

My beautiful smile is amazing ! I couldn’t be happier . Great team . Dr. Castaneda is the best !

Aesthetika five star ratingDaniel P 11/19/2014

It’s always top notch professional with a kind and caring staff. Thank you.

Aesthetika five star ratingIrene M 08/02/2014

Professional service

Aesthetika five star ratingYvette G 07/28/2014

Great Experience!!!Awesome staff!!I highly recommend this Dental Office!!!

Aesthetika five star ratingSheraz S 07/22/2014

Dina, Sonia and Dr.C have striven to make the experience as professional and patient-centered as possible. Many thanks to them for doing such a good job.

Aesthetika five star ratingMarc C 06/16/2014

A dentist office has never been so good. Attention to quality care with a knack for good esthetics and outcomes. I would highly recommend.

"Dr. Rebecca Castaneda has been my general dentist and prosthodonist for over a decade, and I couldn’t be any happier with her work. She has dealt with some very complex restoration challenges, including multiple implant crowns, with patience and perseverance. And always with the goal of achieving perfection. Simply put, Dr. C is an artiste. The staff is a professional and supportive, and Sonja is a welcome addition as a dedicated and very competent hygienist. Dr. Castaneda’s work is of the highest quality, and I highly recommend the Aesthetika office."

"Dr. Castaneda gave me the smile I’ve always dreamed of having! I couldn’t be happier with my beautiful smile and the kindness I always receive from Dr. Castaneda and her staff. My treatment included implants and veneers on my front teeth and the results are exceptional. Dr. Castaneda is a true artist and her staff is very attentive to all of my needs. I will continue to be a loyal patient of Dr. Castaneda’s and highly recommend her. About Hygienists: Sonia is so wonderful! She lights up a room and is very thorough with my cleanings."

"Amazing Work!!"
"Just a few words… experience professionalism, true artistry. If you are looking for amazing results, look no further. It seems to me that Dr. Castaneda looks at each of her patients like a sculptor looking at clay before turning him/her into a work of art. Incredible attention to detail and perfection, I’ve been coming here for 7 years now and she never ceases to amaze me."
Pros: Simply the best. Cons: none.

"My dental work has been in the hands of Dr. Castenada (and Dr. Berkovich) for about 2 ½ years. Dr Castenada has made sure the end result is PERFECT – and it is. She is more than a prosthedontist. She’s an artist, a scientist, a perfectionist and mostly, a caring physician who designed my beautiful smile". Sherri H San Jose California

“Simply the best! She did a cosmetic dental makeover for me, my teeth look beautiful, and no one knows that hey are not real. I highly recommend her to everybody.”

“Fear of Dentists eased, two thumbs up!”
“Dr. Castaneda was able to get me past my age-old fear of dentists and started treating me in 2003. I had let my fears keep me away far too long, and therefore needed quite a bit of work. She was professional, soothing,
and her expertise was apparent from the start."

"Her staff made sure that I didn’t make too many escapes and worked with
me on insurance concerns. Now, in May 2005 after cleanings, general work, replaced silver crowns with porcelain, inlays, and no more silver fillings I finally feel that I have I have a “healthy” mouth. Further, she talked me into Invisalign. I wore these clear, plastic, removable braces for a year or so and am ecstatic with my new smile. In fact, I can’t stop smiling. A little BriteSmile ® along the way didn’t hurt."

“Damaged teeth, Dental makeover”
“I had VERY badly damaged teeth from years of grinding. Rebecca provided me with a few treatment options, and we ultimately agreed to 13 crowns/veneers (7 top and 6 down) along with some other ancillary treatments. I am extremely pleased with the result, although the process was not without some pain.

Pros: The new teeth look and feel great, which was my ultimate goal. Rebecca and her staff, (Kiki and Sonia) were helpful and responsive.
They all try hard to minimize the discomfort of the process.

Cons: The dental makeover process was long and expensive. On most of my visits, my appointment started a little late (a minor inconvenience, even for someone as high-strung as I am.)”

“Great Hygiene experience”
“I had a cleaning done at Dr. Castaneda’s office and that was a pleasant experience. The staff offered many accommodations and that was a delight.
I like the fact that they did a follow up on me.”

“General Raving review”
“I look amazing! Everyone at work can’t believe the difference.
I light up a room now!”

“Lost tooth replacement, comprehensive mouth reconstruction”
“Years ago I lost my front teeth to a motorcycle accident. For years I lived with a fixed bridge replacing those lost teeth. The bridge looked like a row of Chiclets. Additionally, my dentition was a plethora of silver fillings sprinkled with a few gold crowns that were like giant boxcars, ill fitting at the gum line causing soreness and gum bleeding. Finally, with age my teeth were simply worn down and discolored.

After a thorough exam, Dr. C orchestrated a comprehensive dental make-over plan that would include orthodontics and an anterior gum augmentation as I had lost bone tissue with the loss of my front teeth. With these interventions accomplished, Dr. C began the process of replacing almost all of my teeth with porcelain crowns and two fixed bridges. The results were a monument to the dental arts! Dr. C’s biggest challenge was the anterior bridge.

Through her artistic ability and clinical skills she was able to make the fixed, artificial front bridge appear as individual teeth actually emerging from the gum margin with each tooth having the half-moon shape presentation at the gum margin as with natural teeth. The color, texture, and translucence of the bridge matched the adjacent crowns perfectly. Dr. C gave me a healthy, happy smile.”

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