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Metal Free Restorations: AP Zirconia Bridge

If you are missing your natural teeth you can now have replacement teeth that closely mimic nature. With the AP Zirconia Bridge, we can meet your aesthetic expectation and offer maximum biocompatibility with a metal free solution!

The AP Bridge Metal Free and Non-Removable Teeth

Dental Implants patient photo

Did you know that oral health is a major factor of good general health?

Replacing your missing teeth with dental implants and implant retained teeth may allow you to live your life more fully. When your treatment is complete you should be able to chew and speak and socialize without experiencing the negative emotions that having missing teeth or hard to wear dentures can sometimes cause.

Benefits of the AP Bridge Restoration

With this state of the art metal free fixed restoration you can
count on:

A natural looking, beautiful smile

The ability to chew all the food you love

Normal speech, no more lisping or spitting

Good facial contours based on a supportive
underlying restoration

No accidental loosening or embarrassing situations

Stability of bone, minimizing future bone loss

Removable only by your dentist for possible repairs or adjustments

Ease of dental hygiene and healthy gums

More affordable than metal based restorations

More biocompatibility with Zirconia in place of other conventional materials (metal and acrylic)

Metal Free Restorations: AP Zirconia Bridge

Photo of Jorg Muller and AP Zirconia Bridge

The AP Bridge was developed by Mr. Jorg Muller, the Aethetika Master Dental Ceramist. Mr. Muller received his masters degree in Dental Technology in Düsseldorf Germany in 1993. He is a highly respected lecturer at seminars and conferences around the world.

Mr. Muller is the founder and developer of Aesthetic Press LLC, a cutting edge, porcelain system, that is now distributed internationally. www.apdental.net

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